Why Do Guys Contact Their Ex Girlfriends Even If They Have A Girlfriend?

I dated my ex boyfriend for two and a half years that was about a year ago and for the past year we didn't really speak. Because the last conversation we had it ended in an argument that was around four, five months ago and we haven't spoken since. I recently heard that he had a new girlfriend and I'm okay with it. But yesterday I got a text at ten in the evening and it was from him. It was a four line conversation starting with him say hi then I said hi back and what's up. The next and last thing he replied was "just wondering if you'd still talk to me". I replied sure what's up. And he didn't reply back. And to add to it I'm moving in three weeks to a different state (Cali to Texas). The point is why text me after months later to have no real conversation at all. I took it as a cocky insult was it thou? Or what could he really want.


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  • i think the fact that he found somebody else got him thinking about u...maybe not romantically, but more as a friend. and he may have possibly felt bad that the relationship ended like it did, so he maybe wanted to start conversation.

  • He was testing the waters to see if he could see an opportunity to form a new relationship with you in the future, should he decide to pursue that.

    • I don't get why he would want to if he has a girlfriend. Its to late for him to I'm moving away if I wasnt then maybe it could.

    • You just answered your own question. He wanted to speak to you before you geographically distanced yourself from him forever.

    • Oh okay. Then why didn't actually talk.

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