I'm confused about my ex? Are we going to end up getting back together? What's going on?

So about a month ago my ex and I broke up, it was mutual cause we'd just argue to often and I think it's mostly because we never really got to know each other before we got together. But we ended on good terms after our 3 month relationship and we talk everyday now still. But I just don't know what to think at the moment. Like he's said to my friend that it's messing with his mind a little that how me and him are now is how he wanted it to be like while we were together, cause that's how it was at the start of our relationship, and that he could start liking me again but he's worried that it wouldn't work out. Then like a week later he said to another mate of mine that it's annoying how everything's so sweet now cause it wasn't as sweet before. And I still really like him, but I don't think he still likes me that way? Or more like I can't tell if he even does. Some have said to me that he probably does. And today he added a friend of mine of Snapchat cause he found her funny and I know you're probably going to think why the hell would you even think anything of that, and the only reason I am thinking again (even though I know she's my mate and she wouldn't get with him) is because he added her for the reason he got my number and Snapchat and whenever at the beginning. That's probably pathetic of me to overthink that though so leave that part. But it's all confusing me and I feel like if I say anything to him it could risk ruining the friendship we have now and I don't want that. I'd rather have him in my life than not at all. What do you think?


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  • Honestly, in your age range, you're both adults so you should approach the situation as such. Simply ask him where you guys stand, tell him how you feel. Yes, it's scary putting yourself out there, but it's much better than making assumptions or trying to draw your own conclusions. And it's definitely better than involving friends. Other people's opinions will only confuse you further and make a mess of a situation that really didn't need to get messy. Also, keep in mind that people don't change overnight, or even in some months. You may very well be traveling back down a path that you tried to redirect when you broke up.


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