About to be cheated on again, second time, by her ex that cheated on her?

Well it is like the title says. I have now been dating this girl for 1 year and 4 months. I'm going to be a freshman in college(community college) and she is going to be senior in high school. We ended up breaking up or taking a break right at the end of this last school year because she wanted to take a break but I also knew of some more reasons why I guess.

She had cheated on me right around our 1 year with a ex of hers, that cheated on her when they were dating. That is why she broke up with him and why she told me when we first started dating she had a fear of being cheated on. She cheated on me by more then just like a kiss. I know she cheated on me that time because I both saw a "mark" on her neck one day, she said it was a reaction to makeup that I didn't buy for one second and also "mark" on her chest area because she told me she ran into a door, I knew those were both lies. I also saw a facebook chat(she saved her password on my computer once while using it and I got suspicious after seeing those marks and went on) between her and him a few days later and they were talking about what they did and how they were planning to do it again. She also was talking to him on the chat about how I noticed the "marks" she had and told him that she told me those storied about how she got them and how I believed her. I never did believe her about them. They never did do anything after that.

After this incident we broke up not then but much later like 2-3 months. I confronted her then, in a nice way, about what she had done and how honest she had been to our relationship. We got back together 1 week after our break. I now again saw just tonight, through facebook chat, about how they want to get together and hang out next week. They were again talking about doing "stuff". I'm extremely upset in the thought that she would cheat on me again, with the same person. She was going along with the chat and they were talking about "stuff" they might do and such. She told me that she was sorry she messed up and that she wouldn't do it again but I feel like we are about to go full circle and start all over again. I just don't know how somebody could not only cheat once on somebody but then again a second time with the same person, and not to mention a ex that cheated on you! It is just mind blowing to me. I'm really hoping that it is just talk and nothing will happen and she will stay true to our relationship but I feel like that is what I thought last time.

I'm wondering what I should do to confront her about this? How do I bring it up? Do I let it go until it happens and then say something then? Should I be like last time and just act like nothing happened or I didn't know? How should I approach this situation? Please Help!


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  • kick her sorry ass to the curb, she doesn't des. you. sorry to say this but she sounds like a cheap easy girl, you des. so much better than that. just let her go its going to be for hte best!


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  • thats not good relationship


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  • dude leave her. seriously. leave her. what worse cheating or not having a spine.

  • Let her go
    2.9 Billions girls to go

  • You should move up to a healthier relationship.


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