I want him back but hate him?

i was trying to start a relationship with the sweetest guy for a year. i am currently going through depression, anxiety, and trust issues. he wanted to help me through these, and was very patient, however it ended in disaster.

in a moment of insecurity, i snooped through his phone. he knows i have trust issues, so he told himself he'd ask me and if i confessed he would forgive and forget. when he asked, i was too ashamed and disgusted to admit it, and he broke it off.

i never got answers, he was so mad he asked me to leave him alone nicely. he said i made him miserable and he tried to help me but failed. i really cared about him, i warned him that i would disappoint him, yet he still believed in me. these are texts from him. (see bottom)

i asked him if he would give me another chance in around fourty days after therapy, and he said "if i'm still available / single i will go out with u. but for now we are done. focus on finding yourself and don't worry about me"

he thinks i'm a bad condescending person. he's really mad but he said he doesn't hate me. i am currently going through therapy, however

do u think he will meet someone else in those fourty days?

and do u think he will forgive me? if he said "for now" we are done? should i just give him space? he said to ask him out sometime in August

how do i show him i'm not a bad person? i want him back but hate him?i want him back but hate him?


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  • I'm sorry about your relationship, but I'm even more hurt by how you see yourself.

    You can't expect to love someone if you don't love yourself.

    You can't expect for positive things, when you have a negative outlook.

    Personally, I believe that you don't need a relationship right now. No offence.

    You need to focus on you.

    You don't like the way you look? Fix it. You're insecure? Fix it.

    Every flaw is unique, and until you realize that, you don't need a relationship.

    And again, I'm sorry about how things ended between you two. I know you feel guilty, but all you can do at this point is apologize and move forward to bettering yourself.

    • but how do i get him back?

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    • fifteen. we've been dating for ten months and it was serious

    • If he decided not to date you anymore, you will cry, but you will eventually move on. You're fifteen. There's a whole world you haven't seen.

      If you truly love someone, you want them to be happy -whether they are in your life or not. Don't beg him to comeback. You can ask for another chance, but never beg.

      But if he does decide take you back after 30 something days, you two will have to work on your issues together. You made him sound so perfect in your post, but he isn't perfect. Don't let this relationship be what makes you feel like you.

      You should feel happy with yourself even by yourself.

      I hope I helped goodluck.

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