Guys: if she reacted calmly when she found out she was the "other" woman would it make u love her more?

I found out I was the other woman to a man I was in a LDR with. In fact, he lives with his girlfriend. I've known him for 30 years, this was a shocker. A week before I found out, he was telling me how he wants to marry me.

When I found out about her, and called him out on it, and I told him I know her name and FB page, he was shocked and practically speechless. But I told him no worries, that I won't bust his cover to her as long as he never contacts me again. And I haven't. Nor will I. He kept saying I don't know all the facts, he loves me, but I calmly told him to stop, game over.

Im just wondering: I walked away with such grace, will he miss me even more or realize how awesome I am?


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  • I've personally never done this, but i would like them more. then again, i dont care if my partner goes out eith others, so long as they're honest.


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