Why is my ex boyfriend ignoring me after wanting to stay friends?

So, I think I've been through an emotional rollacoaster with my ex and now coming out of the end. Been broken up for around 7 months now, met him at university but now It ended last Christmas, for no other reason really than he 'doesn't know'. Tried to get me back like no tomorrow but Found out he was seeing another girl after our break up, which i was obviously upset about, but I do believe it to be abit of a rebound. Always said I was one of his 'best friends' and wanted to stay in contact, but I felt just really pissed off with. He wanted to go out for lunch at the end but I couldn't it was too much. Since coming home we've text abit, I told him I was deleting him off Facebook because it wasn't helping me, which he understood and asked me to add him back when I was ready to talk. He told me how he did on his results i replied and then mine came out later so I replied too. Sent him a text a couple of days ago wishing him best of luck for his graduation, took a couple of days to reply then didn't reply again last night to my Text even though I know he's on his phone. I called him by mistake (at 3am great) so text him saying that and just something like I'm not double texting you, bye or whatever (can't quite remember) do you think I've done right? Feel so stupid for ringing him but didn't want him thinking it was a booty call or whatever but not sure he will believe me anyway haha. Also didn't want to be sitting here feeling like he has to reply to be nice or me just holding out for his reply


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  • You two are over. Stop contacting him and move on. You two are playing cat and mouse and it is going nowhere as it is. Dont worry about the mistake call. He will get over it. Once he sees you stopped talking to him and moved on, it won't matter. Just cut the cord if you dont want to look clingy. If he wants you, HE will fight for you and win you over. Till he makes it clear he wants to be with you, stop. letting him waste your time x


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