My boyfriend emotionally cheats...guys help me?

I have bee with my boyfriend for 2 years now and we live together. Well I can always tell when he is talking with another girl because he completely changes. I mean he may not be cheating in sex but he does emotionally cheat. I mean he does stuff like when we wake up he normally always kisses me and now he doesn't kiss me at all...and now every little thing I do p*sses him off. Like I left a dirty dish in the sink on my way to work yesterday and he sent me a text message saying "You f*cking kidding me? What the f*ck is wrong with you? that is nasty!" I mean he just acts like a jerk! But in a few days I know he will be back to the sweet guy and he will be all over me and sex will be a 24/7! I mean why does he do this? I get sick of this off and on...


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  • there something lacking in your relationship? You say you know he is talking to other girls, have you confronted him to confirm that or is it something you went and opened his phone up and physically viewed for yourself? Sounds like you need to talk to him about it.

    • I know he has because he has done it before and we have talked about it but he never talks about anything...

    • Well if he never talks about anything you have one of the big 3 missing in your relationship to make a healthy relationship. Communication is key to any healthy relationship, if he is hiding stuff from you, well you may want to start asking yourself, where your relationship is going to be in the future. Just because he will change in a few days and sex will be great, is that what you want to spend the rest of your life with?

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