This is strange! Ex girlfriend was completely fine last Thursday and Friday when we hung out! I didn't talk to Her or Contact for 4 days and Her tune?

We had an extremely bad fight and broke up. We were together for 2 years. The 1st week I texted and called a lot. I then gave Her space. She has two boys and I've been the only Dad that they have had (4 yr old & 5yr old). I did not contact Her for 3 weeks other than to tell Her that I had ordered books for the Boys. I also dropped off clothing and things that the Boys may need while She was at work to avoid running into Her. I'm extremely close to these children. They adore me and I adore them. I also mowed the lawn while She was at work to help out. But for 3 weeks I didn't talk to Her and She didn't talk to me. (We lived together but I moved most of my belongings).
Last Thursday I was at our neighbors! The Boys saw me and said Hello! I ended up spending the entire day with Her and The Boys. We even had a nice family picnic, played with the Boys together and She was laughing, joking talking and acting quite normal. The next day I was also over that way and again She was pretty great! A couple of times she briefly seemed reserved but we all had fun.
After the visit, I left and I did not speak to Her for 4 days. 4 days later on a Tuesday I was at our neighbors as well. I noticed that the lawn needed to be mowed so I mowed it. She was home! I knocked on the door and asked for a garbage bag for things that I had raked up. She was decent and let me read a book to the Boys but then stated that maybe it's best to not stop by anymore - (but She knew that I had to stop by 2 days later to drop off money that I owed Her for something that we had ordered). I didn't argue, I just left! 2 days later I returned with the Money and some clothes that I bought for The Boys. I was there less than 3 minutes. Just time enough to drop things off and give the boys hugs. She told me not to stop by anymore. Which was tough to hear! I love the boys as my own! Why would Her tune change so drastically in 4 days? Obviously, I'll leave her alone & give space but it's confusing. Advice?


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