Is it possible for my EX Girlfriend feelings to come back?

Is it possible for my EX Girlfriend feelings to come back?

I'm going to keep the story short , save some time.
My Ex and I spent almost 2 years together. It was pretty much almost perfect , I took care of her above and beyond. She cheated on me and thought she loved someone else. I found out. I pursued her but after the cheating relationship became toxic. I have a feeling she cheated on me due to her fantasies not being desired in bed. It got dull, it was just good. The passion faded. Anyway she felt terrible obviously. Couldn't believe what she had done hated herself. Later on She met another guy and she has feelings for him now but the other guy doesn't want to be with her or is just using her. She doesn't know the reason her loss of attraction/feelings with me. She does know that she hates herself for it, she doesn't feel like she could get them back or doesn't even know how. I was the love of her life she said and she blew it. That she doesn't deserve me and she wants me to be happy and move on. That if she were to be with me she would feel selfish due to the fact i loved her enough to stay. She has blocked me from all social media so that i don't message her and hinder the progress of moving on because i always winded up messaging her. She did text me a few weeks ago to see how I was though.

I'm currently working on myself and just doing things for myself finally. Is it possible to rekindle with her in a few months (if she doesn't have a BF). Have people had any success, getting back with an Ex in a similar situation? Can feelings be regained? I know the errors in the relationship. I currently haven't spoken to her for about a month.

If possible, should I begin contact by a letter or text?
She had met the new person after we broke up that she gained feelings for.(she had been talking to him previous).


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