Does he still love me?

He dumped me a month and half ago but he was moving so the last 2 weeks we hooked up and he told me he loved me. He moved and then less than a month later he hooked up with someone else, it was a week after the last time he said he loved me. I keep asking him if he still loves me and he won't answer. So I said then tell me you don't and he says he won't lie to me... That's confusing... Does he still love me?


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  • You can love someone and still move on and be with someone if the circumstances don't allow you to be with that person you love.

    • and be with someone else*

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    • I'm willing to move there and he knows that.

    • Oh well then that's a different story. In that case good luck

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  • Honestly sounds like he doesn't love you, might have just said that to hook up before he left. I'm sorry about your situation :(

  • sorry to say this... he is not in love with you... he just need some girl in his life for his entertainment...

  • playing with u


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