Why is he still texting me days later?

My ex ghosting me 5 months ago ( ignored my texts and calls) and now texted me out of the blue saying " Hi.. and you need to move on.. because I hurt you"".. Days later he texts me as If we are still talking


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  • just cut him off because its hurting you
    he send the above mentioned text because he assumed that you weren't over him yet, even after 5 months of him ghosting you

    did you break up after him ghosting you or were you friends after the break up and then he ghosted you?

    • I haven't heard from him since he just stopped ignoring me. He just texted me out of nowhere saying " I did what was right.. I didn't mean to hurt you

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    • then block him

    • thanks for the MHO 😊

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  • Well at least he texted you. Mine hasn't texted me in 2 years 😂anyways, he's playing games. Ignore him.. that's your best revenge, I don't think he deserves you. When you truly care about someone In life you don't ghost them for months. Fuck him

  • He regretted ghosting you.


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