Is it appropriate to apologize for my ex, even after a year?

We were anyways going to split because of settling in a different country, and our communication was a friendly one. However, we had a disagreement and I just cut him off completely. He didn't try to contact me after, neither did I.

After a year, he is trying to add me on social media, but I ignored his request.

I was not in love with him, but he was nice to me and respected me. His only flaws was his being less mature than me and his asking for money.

I don't want to get back to him, but I sometimes feel I brutally cut him off.

Is it a good idea to apologize now?


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  • No, what would you apologized for? You stopped talking to him, he stopped talking to you, it was mutual, and obviously it was the correct thing to do. No need to apologize, just keep on with your life.


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  • I think this is one you should just let slide. If he is still into you and you aren't into him the kinder thing is to not give him hope


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