Did I say anything wrong?

My boyfriend has been away on vacation. The day he left we had a fight in text over a misunderstanding. I still said sorry for something I never did. The entire time he was way, he was acting sorta distant but he would respond. He's coming back home today from the trip. I asked him if he needed a ride.

He asked me why would he be getting home and that it would be dumb of him not to have a ride ready beforehand. I told him I was just saying just in case you needed me, I was free to give a ride, as well. He told me to think about this, and asked why would he not have a ride already and he wouldn't do it as minute as it would be retarded to tell his ride nevermind after it was planned days ago. And that he would've said so two days ago if he needed me to get him. I told him I understand, but I was just throwing it out there and said it because I was willing to drive out to see him.

I told him the way he said it hurt me, because it didn't seem like he acknowledged that I wanted to see him. Rather than a simple, "I already have a ride, but thank you for offering bae." Instead, he just kept going on about how dumb it would be that he wouldn't have a ride. He then responds, "Okay. Can't see you. So and so is picking me up. Not you. Already had that set days ago." I tell him I just wanted something to tell me he had missed me too. He told me to piss off and asked me where in the conversation did he say he didn't miss me and that if that was what I wanted to talk about then I needed to "fucking say it then".

I honestly don't understand what I said wrong, and he just became angry out of nowhere. I don't know what to do.
Did I say anything wrong?
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