Never talk to them again?

How many people after a break up (even though you cared a lot for them regardless of what happened) ended up not speaking to your ex anymore after.. Or at least not for almost 6 months to a year?

If you did, did you find it hard? If you did speak again, who made contact?

Did you ever feel you tried to hard to get someone back and then just stopped talking to them and they came back on their own?


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What Girls Said 1

  • My ex of 18 months dumped me 2months ago and I spoke to him once he rang me after about 3weeks we talked for over an hour and that was it , I think he was just checking to see if I was OK. It was hard at the start but I felt it would be much easier than talking to him on a regular basis what's the point when its over.It wasn't a bad brak up but I don't intend on contacting him anytime soon its still raw. If we'r meant to be friends then it will happen in good time.

    I broke up with someone before that after 4 and a half years though and we spoke and met up all the time it made things so much harder and it really didn't help the healing process. I know out of respect for him I should of cut off all contact and I tried but he kept contacting me.I met a someone else then and so did he , we rarely spoke for about a year and now were just friends again I think that out of respect for the dumpee , the dumper should cut off all contact it makes moving on easier.I know where your coming from though you want to cut off all contact let her see what she's missing so she'l come back as your girlfriend and I have been in that situation too he broke up with me(a different guy again) cut off all contact ,saw me moving on and wanted me back but I had moved on. I know people though who have broken up for 3 years and gotten back together, I guess every situation is different but don't waste your time wondering if she'l come back if it happens then it happens but yes the best thinhg you can do is cut off all contact she's bound to get curious wonder how your doing and then when she contacts you, you can see where it goes from there. Hope this helps.


What Guys Said 1

  • I don't talk with any of my ex's. Mind you, if I ran into them I wouldn't have a problem talking with them because there is no bad blood or anything. It's just that we've both moved on with our lives and especially at the beginning you need to distance yourself to help you get over the person. After that it just becomes routine/normal to not have them in your life.


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