Do you miss the girl who dumped you that you really loved or the girl who was really loving but you dumped cause you didn't feel it with anymore?

Basically I think I should break up with my boyfriend because I really don't see a future with him. Not because of HIM personally but more so because of our circumstance (long distance with no specific end point).
I also get anxious and insecure because he hangs out with a past ex (even though I've met her numerous times and they were never serious (never were bf/gf))+ he drinks and puts his arms around everyone (boys + girls) when he does so and I'm not sure how I feel about that when I'm miles away.
But I also know he loves me a great amount. He pursued me a great amount and was insistent that he didn't want to break up even after I moved. He calls almost everyday and his day is basically work and calling me. He only drinks with friends like once every two weeks and used to always take me when he went.

I want to break it off and later on remain friends but whenever I imply anything along those lines he says things like "you don't think I'm worth fighting for" etc. even though thats not really it. I'm afraid that if I break it off he'll resent me and won't ever talk to me. So I was thinking maybe I'll wait for him to break it off eventually but then I'm not sure if i wait til he loses feelings for me he'd be motivated to ocntact me either. So this is my question (title).
  • The girl who dumped you (for a reasonable reason) that you really loved
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  • The girl who you once really loved but you dumped because the feelings got lost/ resentment started building etc.
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  • I would just let him know how you feel and see if you two can come up with a solution. Tell him that you love him, but you hate long distance relationships. And that you don't see it going anywhere unless something changes. Let him know how you feel about him hanging around his "ex".


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