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hmm okay,

so there was this guy who asked me out and I said yes..after a lot of thinking, I decided I wasn't ready for a boyfriend or anything in my life at that point...then a couple months later he asked again...and I told him I didn't want to rush into it but id like to hang out with him more and then literally 2 days later because of family issues they up and left(he was my neighbor) and this weekend I'm going out and I'm pretty sure he's going to be where I'm going and I want to know if I should give him my number and tell him he can call if he wants...what do you guys think?


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  • You didn't do anything hurtful.. I think there is a high probability that he will still want to go out with you.


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  • If that guy were me, I'd have given up and moved on. Even if I were available, I likely wouldn't take you seriously, and I'd be holding back on my emotions, not wanting to get attached at all knowing that you could flip-flop again at any time.

    You really don't sound ready for a commitment: "and tell him he *can* call *if* he wants" Doesn't sound like you're all that into it even now. It sounds like "If you don't call, well, whatever, that's OK too."

    Sorry, but you did ask. I know this isn't the answer you wanted.


    • Flip flop flip flop!

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    • OK but you've said no to him twice: "I wasnt ready for a boyfriend or anthing" and "he asked again...and I told him I didn't want to rush into it". Most of us will take that as a polite "no thanks".

      He wanted a girlfriend. You wanted platonic, which is fine, but I'd have moved on, and labeled you as a "platonic only" friend. If he's got a girlfriend now, that puts a real cramp on the possibility of you hanging out with him. She won't like it, and has a *right* to her feelings.

    • Noo, he asked me out twice and I told him I wasnt ready the FIRST TIME the next time I told him I liked him and I wantedd to give it a shot but I didn't want to rush it...then he moved and that was the end of it..i have an idea of why they up and left, just because word gets around fast in our neighborhood but it literally took them two days and they were gone

  • if you like him, then go for it... what have you got to lose?

    • Dignity? haha

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    • Then id go for it... if you really do like him then at least strike up a conversation so he knows your interested.

    • Mmk I think I will:)

  • Sure. Why not.


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  • Take it as a lesson learned and move on from this kid. Or at least wait until YOU'RE the one actually ready for a relationship. Don't send guys emotions through roller coasters. It's not cute. You're playing the chase game, but it's gone on way too long.

    • Im really not actually...and its pretty presumptuous of you to assume that I've been playing chase games with him for a long time..bc I really didnt-i mean maybe a little at the begining..but who doesn't do that subconsciously?...i really care about him and after I told him I wasnt ready the first time I did everything I could to intentionally not lead him on..

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    • Take note?..uhm no thanks? I am who I am and if any guy is going to like me I want him to like me, not somebody I'm trying to imitate. you're 40- not exactly in the age group I wanted opinions from. but thanks. and yeah, I guess she's strait to the point, but she's also kind of a cocky smart alec. no offense- that was just a first impression when she said "Don't send guys emotions through roller coasters. It's not cute." because that's not at all what I was doing..i was just being honest with him

    • If you don't want to hear what people have to say, then why did you even sign up for this site? You came here for our opinions, not to take what we say and try to turn it around to fit your standards. Honestly, you're just going to do whatever you want anyways. So you might as well do it. Me being a "cocky smart alec"? I'm far from it. I'm here to help people. Don't like my advice? Don't take it. But anyways, half of the girls on here are too young to be strung on one guy. Broaden your horizons.

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