Ex broke up with me but is hot and cold?

Nearly two months has already past. Ex girlfriend broke up with me. We see each other quite a bit as we do go to the same gym.
Right after the break up, went straight into no contact. At the same time, I'm not being rude as if we do lock eyes I'll say hi or smile to her.

its been an up and down cycle. Like for two weeks, she will keep her distance then a week super friendly. Then repeats itself again. Saw her on Friday night and she kept play fighting me and teasing me. Why go through all this?

what is happening?


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  • I don't understand. I get that she's "hot and cold" towards you, but what about you? Do you have intentions of getting back with her?

    • I do. 100%

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    • Well it's a kickboxing gym and there are schedules there. So we're usually there for the same classes as it is very limited.

    • If she wanted to be fully over you, she would have stop going so it wouldn't cause any awkwardness or anger or regret, so if you're asking me, there is still a chance that you two will be together.

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