Do I have a second chance?

so i've been dating this guy for ten months. he's the sweetest guy and he really cared about me. however i had trust issues, depression and anxiety. he tried to help me work through these issues despite the fact that it made him absolutely miserable. i snooped and lied about it, which was wrong, and he wasn't bothered by the fact that i snooped because he knew about the trust issues he was mad that i lied about it and decided he didn't want a relationship where he couldn't trust me and he broke it off. he broke it off because of the untrust and the fact that i made him miserable and he believes that i never wanted him, that i just wanted a relationship (which is completely misunderstood, i cared about him i just couldn't show it)

he is not mad at me and he doesn't hate me. i asked him for another chance in about thirty days and he said "for now we are done, but if we are still single in those thirty days then we can go out and decide if that was a good decision or not and go from there if we are still available"

i don't know about the chances of him finding a girl, but right now he is fully over me and has moved on. still, the chances are slim because he doesn't meet new people often because he is busy (it is still a possibility though)

when we go on that date in thirty days, how should i act? after the breakup i went a little crazy and emotional and he might be on that date with hesitation so what should i say and how should i act to show him in different and not crazy and that was just a in the moment thing?
Do I have a second chance?
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