When I expressed that I needed more time and investment he owned up that he can't because of work. Did the relationship mean nothing to him?

We met online and because we had a lot of common friends we started talking. Due to my erratic schedule we never met although he asked several times. Nevertheless things heated up and we both got seriously involved emotionally. For a couple of months things got intense. Meanwhile he moved to a different city promising to visit in two weeks. I asked a few times but he was busy and it did not happen. This time he didn't even schedule a tentative date. Things remained the same over the phone and we would still talk for hours and had phone sex pretty regularly. When he started his new job this stopped and we eventually started talking once a week and that too on my insistence. I expressed pretty clearly from the very beginning that it isn't easy on me and that I need a little more investment from him. He insisted that he is busy and the new job is taking everything of him but that doesn't mean his interest is gone. He understood that I was clearly upset and I needed more. He said he will fix things but nothing changed over the next week. He didn't even try. If anything the texts even though regular were getting short and terse. Last few phone calls were all about me getting emotional and asking for more and I eventually felt that he was getting irritated. Finally when I told him that I deserved more than he was willing to give he asked if I wanted things to slow down because nothing is going to change for the next few months or more. I texted him a joke later that day because I didn't want to sever things completely and his replies were short and terse. All of this has left me puzzled as to how he could so blatantly prioritise work so much as to not try at all. I appreciate him being upfront about it but I am having trouble coming to terms with the fact that the moment life changed for him he put everything we had in the backseat and refused to make any effort. I have no illusions that he will realise what he is missing and come back. He will not.


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  • I admit, I don't understand this generation. How can you call this a relationship if you've never met? How can someone you've never met generate such a heartfelt and dramatic post? When you ask if the relationship meant nothing to him, I find myself wondering what relationship you're talking about.

  • A fucking marathon for the eyes!!! Wow!


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