Ex told me that he loved me I have mixed feelings now. Help?

So I'm now dating this guy in the army and my birthday just passed. My texted me happy birthday and started a convo with me. He explained to me that he broke up with his girl a few days ago but feels super bad that he didn't take me out for my birthday. I told him don't worry about it. He wanted to speak to me so we went to go work out and talk he told me the feelings he has for me and I broke down in tears. I explained to him that the reason why he feels like this is because he just broke up with his girl and wants to take his mind off of it but he said he felt it while with her. I don't know weather or not to believe him and I'm not sure how I feel about him but I do obviously care for him.


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  • Don't you dare believe him and stop talking to him. Never have anything to do with an ex. You will not reconcile and ride off into the sunset together and live happily ever after nor will you remain friends even if he suggests or agrees to it

  • Tell him you both need time to get used to the idea. He needs time because he came from a break up, and you need time because an ex confessed himself towards you. I wouldn't risk being a rebound.


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