How do I get back motivation from deaths and a breakup?

long story short. the past 2 years has been dreadful for me. i lost a grandfather to death , one of my best friends to death and a girlfriend who i "broke up with." ever since January when we broke up, I've been unmotivated especially staying in shape. i used to be at a good weight and in shape but the heartbreak from the ex set me over the edge gaining 25 pounds. its been 6 months already and im still healing. in a sense, im not motivated to get back into shape because im afraid if i do get back in shape, find my confidence and enter a new relationship, im fearful ill lose someone else. i didn't give much info because its so much but for the guys that work out and the girls that workout, any advice, any tips? im a junior in college by the way.


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  • keep in mind that whenever somebody dies they go to a better place, being egoistic is in human nature, and when you wish they were still here that's being egoistic, have faith in God and keep in mind that they are happier now, as for your ex, you'll forget her with time, exercise will keep your mind focused on what you are doing and thus you'll start to think less and less about her, you'll have moved on before realizing it.
    also keep in mind that life has to move forward and you can't let these losses stand if your path and eventually stopping you from finding your wins, you gotta get back out there and do your thing!


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