Ghosting: how is one supposed to feel?

We met 8 months ago. Dated two, we had just started Getting intimate when the girl he broke up with 8 months prior reappeared. He pulled away but within three weeks he contacted me. In six weeks he would ask me to meet then pull away to show up after one/two weeks. In April we met. He told me he ruled out being back with her early, but was then told he will go abroad to finish college. This is why he had decided to let it go, but was missing me very much so instead he proposed to spend summer together. I told him I was going myself abroad in one week and would be back in September (when he leaves). He asked to spend that week together. He pulled away once again by simply stopping replying. 1 month later, I got a text from him. I replied 5 days later and no sign from him. Two weeks later I texted him saying i was tired of this game and it was now or never again. He replied he missed me, wanted to be with me, never a girl was so attentive to his needs, never felt that great sexual connection to anyone, he also felt free and supported therefore felt like talking about a future with me and he no longer cared it is LD. I went to see him over the weekend 10 days ago. he asked me to be his girlfriend. The following day we texted he wished me to be there. Since he had started working (we both work 70h/week) he did not text me first, but when I made him notice I saw a little effort on his side to reply quicker. After that last message 'I wish you were here' we did not speak again. I thought he would just be busy (we never texted everyday, not even in the beginning) and I wanted to see whether he would put effort by making contact. By the 5th day I texted him. He never even red the message. After one entire week he finally did yesterday, but still no answer. I feel played, I wonder whether it was all a lie from the beginning or whether he just changed his mind because our career path is taking us first in different countries and later on in one year on different continents.


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  • Probably should have benn strict very first time he disappeared. You weren't respecting yourself enough - you got this result. How are you supposed to feel? Say to yourself: "screw that guy, I'm gonna find myself a better one". This time put a price on yourself, have some dignity and don't let them play you.


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