Are women the problem?

I was thinking about how many people I've noticed that have gotten divorced recently or within the past 10 years nine out of 10 divorces are the women leaving the man what the hell is going on can any of you help me figure this out?


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  • Yeah, I'd like to see better statistics done on this. Just because a women initiates divorce proceeding doesn't mean she's the only problem, she's just the one calling enough.
    Getting to the root of the dissatisfaction in marriages ending in divorce would be far more beneficial

    • in Psychology today it was in October of 2015 a study of 2,000 heterosexual couples showed that 70% of divorces were filed by women it's an interesting article to read it I'm not saying it's dead right it's just one of articles that I read why I put the percentages I did I didn't just pull them out of the air :-)

    • Lol that's the article that I've posted - and again is relevant to the fact that woman calling it a day on a marriage isn't the reason divorce is so common.
      Statistics showing more women file for divorce because they're not willing to live unsatisfied isn't showing they're responsible for the marriage failing.
      That same article shows that non married long term relationships are dissolved 50/50 so it indicates the REASONS for break ups are even. But when married men are more likely to suck it up and just live with whatever is causin the angst, meaning more women file for divorce.

  • Women do file for divorce more but that doesn't necessarily mean they're "the problem." For example, my mom almost filed for divorce because my dad was abusive and always in legal trouble. He was undoubtedly "the problem." Often the partner who ends it is the partner who is suffering because of the other's behavior, so it's totally wrong to assume the person who files for divorce must be at fault.
    Of course women are sometimes the problem, but I'd say most of the time it's mutual.


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  • Well just because a woman initiates it doesn't mean she is the only one at fault. However, there have been a ton of divorces among my family and circle of acquaintances in recent years and I have to say that most of them were due to the wife cheating or just wanting to move on.


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