My ex is accusing me of pretending to be her online why has my ex girlfriend not grown up yet and is it OK that am both disappointed n mad at the same time?

so a friend of mine messaged me saying my ex girlfriend is accusing me of pretending to be her on tweeter and she's defending me since she knows that not who i am as a person. i have not tried speaking to my ex in years even though every time i go by her job she does nothing but stare at me to the point it makes my current girlfriend uncomfortable. my girlfriend wanted to make fun of my ex or try fucking up her day but i always say no pretend she's not even here she's just being immature. so i don't know why she would believe am pretending to be her online.. yes am done some dumb things in the past but all of it was because of the pain i was going through and what she put me through. the lies and going back n 4 saying she loves how everything was her parents felt and how her new boyfriend treated her like a sex object and controlled her yet she still with him to tell this day. i made 4 big mistakes when i date my ex girlfriend

sorry guys for the rate this pretty much fucked up my dad even through my ex-doesn't affect me as much she still does in a way. i always wanted a 2nd chance deep down and realize we never had a real relationship because of her parents. before you ask am still with my current girlfriend because she makes me happy and makes me into a better person so known she still worth dating. anyway, how should i reactive to this? and am wrong for being mad she thinks so little of someone she known for years who was the first boyfriend not to treat her like a sex object? she use to cry a lot during our relationship i was poor back then yet am the first boyfriend to buy her roses which made her smile for weeks and am the first boyfriend to be there for her on valentines times.. all i could afford to buy her was 1 small bear and she literally broke down crying that was the first gift she has ever received from a boy on valentines day or anyday for that matter.


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  • Sounds drama to me.
    A mature way to deal would have been, you don't tell your current girlfriend who your ex. is. You go about your business.
    If your ex calls out your name in front of your girlfriend. you gently tell your girlfriend. Thats your ex. the end. and you only care and want to be with your now girlfriend. That you had a good time with your ex. but things didn't work out for whateve reason ad its time to move on and happy to found new love with your girlfriend and that she is making you happy.
    Its a small town, and it will be unevidable to avoid your ex... to let your new girlfriend. know and feel secure and love.

    • Yea my girlfriend only knowns about my ex becuase we walked into her and my current girlfriend is not werid about me leaving her for my ex at all. And your right ill keep going about my business

    • Thank you for MHO

    • you welcome

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  • She is an ex. The only time you see her it should be in your rear view mirror and the image should be getting smaller. As long as you concern yourself with her reaction to anything, you have not fully moved on and you are being unfaithful (in a way) to your current girlfriend.

    Your current lady wants to get into a cat fight with your ex? That is the handwriting on the wall, the warning sign, last exit for the next 250 miles, wake up call, etc.

    • no not a fight she just wants my ex to stop staring at me when we go shopping at her job which is the only supermart close to us. am sorry but i dont believe am being unfaithfully in anyway and i rarely ever think about my ex i wake up to this message from a friend.

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  • She sounds like she just wants attention. Let you girl friend know what's going on and leave it at that. You have a really good friend for sticking up for you.

  • What is a tweeter? who cares


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