Guys: How long is it before you text a girl back?

I texted a guy I'm dating and he did not text be back for 4 hours is this a reasonable amount of time or does it mean he does not like me as much as he says he does? When he did text me he said sorry and that he was out playing basketball, but I'm not sure it seem like a long time.


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  • Darlin, you are reading WAY too much into it. Just cause a guy isn't sitting there waiting for a text from you so he can reply right back doesn't mean he doesn't like you. I mean if he was really playing ball or just hanging with his friends then he probally just didn't want to talk or that he didn't check his phone. I don't know why a good protion of women always get upset or start to worry just cause we don't think its super important to text you guys back right away. But I'm sure he still likes you very much.


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  • Woah, that's crazy to hear because the same thing happened to me! lol. I texted a really cute guy, and he answered 4 hours later saying he was out playing baseball with his fraternity. So I waited an hour to text back, and then he waited another hour before replying. The conversation died soon thereafter, and I never heard from him again. I don't know though...maybe he really was busy? If he really weren't interested, he wouldn't have answered at all I think.


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