Does my ex just not want me to move on?

We broke up 1 yr 3 months ago, but I stopped seeing him altogether in December. He let the relationship go because he's not good at relationships. Ever since, he's been sending whatsapps saying he hopes I'm ok, every month or so. There is no real conversation, but last time he wanted to find out if I'm single & my weekend plans. He said we could talk later if I liked.

I said ok but I never messaged him. I haven't text first since I said I'm moving on in December. He whatsapped me again by accident the other day. I ignored it, but then 2 days later, he told me that he hopes I'm ok & text again saying it was an accident text.

I told him it feels like he wants to keep reminding me of him. He just said "Ok I'm sorry, won't do it again." He's in his 30s & can't be direct. I said it's fine I just didn't know what he wanted. Now I think he feels hurt.


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  • He probably is still single and curious about you being too? If you don't want to get mixed up in an after break up friends with benefits type of relationship, avoid.


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  • Just tell him that you're okay and have moved on. There's no need for him to keep checking up on you unless he's want you back.


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