Crazy ex behaviour... Want to work things out?

My fiance of a year decided to break things off a few months ago. He broke things off in the middle of us expecting a baby together, so I have been a hormonal and emotional mess and going through your typical post-break up crap. Telling him how miserable I am without him, trying to respark the romance we once had by doing little sweet things for him, getting him cards and candy and making better changes to myself, etc. From the beginning, he was extremely hot and cold with me. He would be irrational and hate me one day. He would tell me all these things to hurt me, like he isn't in love with me anymore and that he's moved on and I am a terrible person and that he's going to take the baby away from me. And then he will change after a few days. He will still be hurt, but admit he lied about everything he said when he was angry, admit he was in love with me still, and warn me about how to handle him when he changes back. We would watch movies and have sex during this time, where he told me he didn't want this with anybody else but still needed time. This cycle would keep repeating over and over again. After feeling horrible and borderline suicidal one day and him not caring about me, I decided to stop and go no contact. In this time, I was making an effort to be happy again. I was going out with friends and trying to polish my hobbies that I stopped participating in. However, this went on for only a few days before he tried texting me again. He went completely from barely talking to me to blowing up my phone and changing emotions between texts. I realized he must still be watching my Facebook and saw those updates about my life. He's finding any and every sort of reason to text me, and he even randomly accused me of having sex with a person I barely see in a VERY aggressive text while I was at work. His family reassured me that was his way of probing answers without letting me know he's worried about me moving on. What do I need to do to end the craziness and get him b
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The ending bit was "Get him back?" It cut off part of my question.
Crazy ex behaviour... Want to work things out?
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