My ex posted a photo of us?

we broke up 3 months ago on April 14 (date is important)
about 3 weeks ago we talked again because he told me i looked really pretty in a photo he saw , i subtly asked him why he was telling me this and he quickly told me to forget everything he ever told me, to forget we ever dated.
i initiciated NC ( no contact) after that because it really hurted me what he said but then on July 14 he posted lyrics shading our break up and then yesterday he posted a picture of me, him and his sister.
hours later and he starts posting cute lyrics and posts for somebody else !
why is he doing this? Im trying to move on but he keeps confusing me.
i haven't broken my NC streak yet


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What Guys Said 1

  • He just wants your attention. Purposely making you mad and you are falling for it by talking to him.


What Girls Said 1

  • He clearly misses you and is reminiscing about the good times you guys had. He is probably confused as well. Tell him how his actions make you feel, and that it does not help you with moving on, or better yet, don't follow him on social media.


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