Ex girlfriend already with someone else. What should I do?

So me and my ex girlfriend just broke up, she told me things went too fast (wich i totally understand and respekt) but she still wanted to be flirts with me, the day after we broke up completely. but only after 1.5 weeks later, i heard that she was hanging out at one of my friends house, she was there for a few hours. The friend that she's hanging out with, she met at a party a week before breaking up with me (I was at the same party and stayed close to her the whole time). A few days later after the party, the friend she met wanted to hang out with me and my ex and her friends. So he did, and he kissed with her friend right in front of my ex. and only two weeks later and my ex is at his house with him. (Her friend told me). i have not talked with her since we broke up, im doing the no contact game. Maybe she's at his house with her friend that he kissed with. Anyone got an idea about what the hell she's doing? If she's over me or not? If she still has feelings for me? Does she even care about me? I still care about her a lot. Her mom told me back then when we where together that my ex really loved me and is happy that she met me Also here's some things i've been noticing about her behavior: she's angry at her old best friend (Who im talking a lot with as friends, and my ex knows) she's trying to make me jealous by flirting with other boys in front of me at parties. she's also talking with my best friend a lot, but she did that before i even knew her (It was through him that i met her) I gave her my bracelet, wich she whore all the time i was with her back then. She still haven't given it back and i dont think she's wants to. She cried when i hugged her the same day we broke up Little weird fact: When we broke up, she was on her period. She was the one to bring it up, the day after i said that we should break up completely, and so we did. And i haven't contacted her since


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  • you should move on too

    • i guess your right, its just not easy. We had so much in common. But yeah, your right

What Guys Said 2

  • I read upto thee point where she broke up with you then met your friend.
    highly coincidence or premeditated? I believe the latter of the two. Do yourself a favour and get an upgrade that has more self respect 👍

    • I read the last few sentences. She cried due to her own guilt.
      Get your shit back, don't play games (it's dumb)..

  • why did you break up with her? if the reason for the breakup is still there then who cares if she is over you or not. if its gone than we have a different situation... but if its gone within 2 weeks why did you break up if it can be fixed that fast

    • Well.. She said after breaking up completely that she wanted to try and be just friends and start over and see how our relationship would go. But i havn't really contacted her since, only seen her a few times since she lives very close to me. But yea thats what she said, and i respect that, things just havn't gone further since

    • its hard to be just friends just after breaking up. you both need a cooling down period. if you share enough interests you will keep running into her and if something sparks again thats fine. its just like farts.. if you are forcing it its pure shit

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