If you scare off a guy will he ever come back?

Long story short- I've messed things up real bad and he's never responded to me. We r no longer social media friends and haven't talked in a over a week at all. Any hope?


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  • It's been one week, that's nothing. Calm down and sort things out, unless you insulted him or something like that don't bring up whatever you said and keep it casual

    • Well I moved away before we started even talking about being in a relationship & he didn't want to see me the week I was in town (last week) bc he said I was too intense and "he didn't have the time or energy for that" and now I deleted his number and were no longer social media friends, so...🤷🏻‍♀️

    • Why didn't you include that in the details? It couldn't be any more clear that you have to move on now

    • Lol well I felt like it was too long to write it all. But he said he really liked me before and we were on a "break" when I came in town and... he had told me he respected me beyond words and a relationship with me was something he knew he wanted and he needed to work on himself and figure out his life in the mean time to be better for me BEFORE all of this. And we were really good friends before any of this... now we don't talk and I was kind of a mess when I came back in town and didn't want to see me... and I miss him. And I wonder if he meant any of what he said earlier. If this ruined that.

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  • The 8Ball says no! 😐😃!! 8 Balls know everything 🤗!!!


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  • I doubt it's gonna work out.

  • How did you mess things up?

    • We only just started talking about liking eachother and I came on too strong. He feels like I have him an ultimatum of being friends or dating and he didn't like that.

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    • You think after a faux-pas like that - any guy would ever come back around?

    • Honestly I kind of doubt it but anything is possible!

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