I love having sex with married women?

I'm addicted to having sex with married women - been doing it for many years now. When I first met her she thought I was an asshole without knowing anything about me...6 months went by before I saw her again. I started flirting with her but I didn't know she was married at the time... she ended up telling me she was married that same night. I stopped flirting after she told me but she kept flirting with me. I told her to stop b4 she get herself in trouble. She basically said I'm married but what does that have to do with anything. I told her to stop b4 I bend your ass over and fuck you well... by that time her husband walked in and she slipped me her number. Somehow we ended up working for the same company... she worked the graveyard shift. I only seen her 2x. Her and her family was near my first job... I had no idea I was gonna see her... as soon as she saw me she was happy and kept smiling (I didn't hit yet)... I played it cool and acted like I didn't know she was smiling at me. Her husband kept asking her what are you smiling at. I was doing my side hustle around 2am. She kept texting me because she wanted me to come up to the job (this was the same day I saw her and her family). I told her I'll be up there by 3am. I gets up there... she has a dress on, candles lit, and r&b music playing. I love rough sex. She was in her office sitting in her chair... I pulled my dick out and put it in her mouth... she made it nice and wet... I pulled her dress up bent her over on the desk and fucked the pure shit out of her (she haven't been the same since). 2 years later I was still hitting it... she kept saying she loves me and wanna be with me... I told her to leave her husband... she ended up leaving her husband and kids. We stopped talking a year later. She tried to come back in life 2 years later but I rejected her despite her wanting to have sex multiple times per day.

Was I wrong for telling her to get a divorce knowing I didn't want her?


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  • This sounds like an indie film you're trying to submit to SunDance or Greenlight. Either way... yes it wrong that she was asked to divorce her husband and leave her family and it's wrong of her to even entertain your idea. I suppose you both deserve each other.

    • This actually happened to me, and no I'm not trying to submit anything to anyone. A lot of my friends said I should've left her married because by me having her divorce her husband would mean I would have to deal with her regularly and full in where her husband once was. I do feel bad about her kids because her life is a mess now...

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    • lol I'm not like your lady friend. I don't know you and I don't give my number out they easily.

    • I never accused you of being anyone I've dealt with... hahaha. I originally asked for your numbers so I can get you my book when I'm done with it... then I said let's exchange numbers since you have a long story that this message box won't hold.

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  • Probably

    • You're probably right. I'll just take 3% of the blame - she gets the rest.

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  • You are being ambiguous. Tell her it's all about having sex. Keep it simple and clear for her.

    • She knew in the beginning it was ALL about SEX. She was married, so she knew no real relationship could come from this. I did make her believe she had a chance with me by telling her to divorce her husband... when I said that I was serious... more so curious to see if she would do it for me. I feel bad reflecting on this because after she got a divorce she came straight to my house and said she divorced her husband (she showed me the paperwork) and I'm all yours now... we had sex 3 times that day... I told her to leave afterwards bc I didn't want to be bothered with her like that. She caught feelings very fast and early... I believe she had them b4 I gave her the dick.

  • You naughty dog lol


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