How should I deal with this?

so my boyfriend really cares about me and always tries to make our relationship work

he has a female friend that he has a really close relationship with where he tells her "i love u" "i love u so much" "wifey" "bae" "i wish i was with u right now" and is on facetime with her and hangs out with her every other day and they are very flirty

the thing is he puts our relationship first and he has no feelings for her whatsoever and even goes to her for advice for me which says a lot bc guys don't go to girls for advice that they like and he tells me if anything happens that makes me uncomfortable to tell me and he would stop and i did that once and he did

the thing is i wish he did these things w me. i mean e does but i wish he did these with only me. this is a boyfriend girlfriend like relationship and even tho they have no feelings for each other whatsoever i don't like it and it makes me feel like i'm not good enough, and he tells me to tell him when i feel like thsi but i don't want to because it's awkward. i just wish he saw these things as meaningful because when he does them with me i feel like they aren't as special and I don't know what to do.. help!


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  • I mean my Best friend is a girl as well and I kind of interact with her the same way and talk to and text her a lot but I don't care for her the same way I care for my girlfriend. I love them both and I think that your girlfriend or wife should be your best friend but there's still a difference between your girlfriend best friend and your best friend. I go to my best friend for advice all the time because I want everything to be perfect for my girlfriend because she's the one that I want to take things further with! I know I said that I love them both but it's a different kind of love! Ones kind of a sister love and the other is that person you stop stare at everytime they walk in the room, would die for, and absolutely would do anything for kind of love

    • doesn't it bother ur gf? i feel like doing couple things w a female friend makes it not special anymore to ur girlfriend if ur doing the same w another girl regardless of the fact if u mean it or not because it just hurts and it's like sharing ur boyfriend and it sucks

    • Yeah I get what your saying but it's just that my other friend is like family I mean I don't call her wifey or bae but we have a ton of inside jokes and stuff we do but there's still things I only do with my girlfriend that I try and make extra special.

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  • Doesn't sound so "friendly" to me. Doesn't matter who's he putting first, as long as it happens with two females, the guy is a jerk. And you're kinda doing nothing against it. Sooner or later you will regret this inactivity. Talk to him about it.

  • As long as you don't mind sharing. [shrug]

  • i feel the same way


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