Why is my exes engagement bothering me so much?

We broke up a year ago. I'm in a new relationship for 8 months now, I live with my boyfriend and I love him so much. I do not have any feelings or desires to be with my ex again. My current boyfriend is the complete opposite of my ex and it's perfect.

My ex moved to a new city, contacted me on and off asking for nudes and stuff (which I didn't indulge him with). Then a week ago he send me a photo (by mistake because it was just a flash in a dark background) and then he blocked me (although I didn't even have his number saved on my phone). Confused, I checked his fb and saw he was engaged.

For some reason it's still bothering me to no end. This man that use women, who treated me like shit, who told me he would never marry anyone, who I loved with my whole heart was getting married to another 20 year old (I'm 21) who he has only known for about 5 months (we were together 2 years and he cheated relentlessly).

I am over him. I wouldn't go back to him if I was given the chance to. So why does this bother me?

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Quick update: he personally messaged me after not having contact for months just to tell me he's engaged, which just messed with my head all over again. Why would he do that?
Why is my exes engagement bothering me so much?
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