Guys, have you ever regret after long time break up but didn't want to get back because of ego?

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  • Ego is never an issue on something like this. If I felt I made a mistake, I'd always be willing to go back but the truth is, there's a reason why we're not together in the first place and that reason is always a good one.


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  • Out of all the relationships i've been in i've only dumped 2. Out of a solid 9 relationships.
    The two I dumped... One i would possibly have sex with for fun. But didn't want her back we didn't have much in common.
    The other one I miss her but we couldn't work.
    She had a kid and I didn't want to date someone seriously with that baggage.

    However if I had split with someone compatible I would definitely consider it.

    I did get back together with a couple exes but I was younger!

  • Yes and when I finally overcame my ego and got in touch, it turned out to be too late.


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