Girls & Guys worse break up excuse you ever heard?

Hi everyone pretty sure most of us have been in a relationship only to get dumped for the worse or most illogical reason ever. Share their excuses or maybe ones you heard of from a friend? :)


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  • 1) Im dating someone else who got me pregnant
    2) you live to far from me (10 miles away, 25 min by car)
    3) You are too short
    4) your "thing" is too small for me (mind you they never seen it)
    5) you dont make enough money
    6) you dont have a nicer car (didnt know a 2013 Murano wasn't nice)
    7) you take care of your parent when you should put them in a home


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  • I heard all kind of things. The dumbest, most transparent ones probably in my teens. These include "I wouldn't want to risk our friendship", "I received a message from my ex, and I still miss him, I'm confused now"..

  • "I have some heart (medical) problem... so I can't get serious with any guy"... and she said it in a serious tone.. thank God it was not me but one of my friend..

  • ignoring or involve in another relationship and caught red handed are very common woman just need big attention and love from her partner and can't share with anybody else


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