What should I do?

I still like my ex and it's been a year I probably sound stupid but it's killing me I have to get over him I've tried everything but it's not helping at all :(


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  • He broke up because he didn't want to be with one person.
    So it's easy to turn that into a cheater in your mind.
    I mean do you really want that kind of guy?
    It looks to me like you're a good person who deserves better, a person who is committed to a relationship.
    Just try not to think about him and instead focus on your life and bettering yourself. Be it working out, fun hobbies, reading books, fun with friends, just fill up your day with things that make you happy. After a while you won't even remember what happened. 😊


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  • You have what is called unresolved grief. You need professional help, that could last years to heal or never do. I talk from my own experience.


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  • Just realize that its over and extremely unlikely to rekindle I guess is the word but its probably not them that you miss but its how they made you feel that you miss


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  • First of all, who broke up with who?

    • He broke up with me because he said he wanted to be a "fuck boy"

    • If he became a fuck boy think about it, on the bright side he wasn't a fuck boy when he was with you. To get over him always think of him as a cheater... I don't know

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