How long does it take him to heal? Boyfriend is convinced I cheated!

OK so he and I were at this party together and he broke up with me in a fit of anger because I supposedly left with another guy and came back. This is the same guy that caused trouble between me and my boyfriend before. What makes it worse is that my boyfriend talked to some of my friends who were at the party and not one of them defended me. They all said "wow, she's really sketchy for leaving with that guy". I swear I left alone but everyone thinks I'm "playing dumb".

He was really upset and broke up with me and ignored my calls for a whole day. The next day, he began to open up just a little and returned my call and agreed to hang out and talk about it. When I got there we talked a little until he suddenly didn't want to anymore. We continued to hang out for the rest of the day but he'd keep relapsing into moments where he suddenly got quiet and p*ssed off. The next day after that we hung out again and he was cold at first but by the end of the day we were talking and laughing and it felt like we were bonding, like old times. When I went home he even asked if I got home safe. Also while we were together yesterday I heard him tell someone on the phone he was chilling with his girlfriend, but I'm not going to read into that too much because he's still acting hot and cold.

I realize he is in a lot of pain because I can't prove I didn't cheat on him. It's literally my word against the word of an entire crowd. But it's been three whole days and every day that things aren't normal feels like an eternity! How long will it take before he can let the drama of that night go?


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  • Depending on how jealous/insecure your boyfriend gets he may never forget about that night.

    • What signs should I look for? Like, how do I know if he is trying hard enough to let it go?

    • Trying hard enough to let it go? I don't even know what that means.

      The only way to tell if he's over it is to give it time. If he continues to throw this in your face then it's pretty easy to tell he's not over it. It he stops mentioning it after a week or two then you know he's moved on.

    • Lol, I was saying how do I know he is actually trying to get over it.

      But, you answered the question I was trying to articulate. Thank you. He didn't throw it in my face yesterday at all, so I guess that's good, but his emotions are still unstable and unpredictable (i.e. he will randomly go from fine and talkative to upset and quiet). Its only been 3 days though

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