My ex just texted me?

my ex broke up with me a little over 3 months ago after a 2+ years relationship. the last time we talked was a month ago when he told me he didn't want to talk to me anymore and we couldn't even be friends. i still loved him and i respected his wishes, not texting or calling ever again. we still follow each other cordially on instagram but that's about it. never talked again. i even stopped liking his pictures and seeing his stories, despite the fact that he still sees my stories, so i could try to get him out of my mind (i failed though, i still love him).
today i posted a story about a good thing that happened to me (my art piece is now at a collective art exhibit) and he messaged me for the first time after telling me we couldn't be friends. he congratulated me, asked me where the exhibit was (he could easily see it online though) as he wanted to go and check it and told me he hoped i was okay.
i dont understand why he would text me after telling me he doesn't even want to be my friend. is he just being friendly or should i expect something? i love him but i don't want to get hurt again after progressing on feeling better after him dumping me. help?


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  • he's just trying to be nice, you spent two years together and at some point he might be feeling bad about breaking up and didn't want to see you in pain so he said you couldn't be friends to force you to move on, he was just trying to check up on you, nothing more


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