About my breakup?

i was in long distance relationship.. i was at home for 1 week during last week of December 2014 and i reached my college early before holidays were over and then i called my girlfriend on 1jan 2015 and she is like i want to breakup.. my parents are against us.. even i cried amd tried to convience her but all goes in vein and after 5 month i visited her place and then she told me she started talking to that guy l.. her parents wants her to marry
i don't know what should i do.. m not getting over her till now.. everytime i tries to hack her fb to know the real truth because i want to knw exact reason of breakup😡


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  • Breaks up very hard but you should not be harsh in your self like this , it been over 2 years , the reason for break up she doesn't deserve you !! I know it's hard but you will find someone else better than her ❤️

    • i want to.. but most of time i think what if same happens with me again and then i stop talking and texting

    • Not everyone are the same

    • actually my parent want a medico girl for me.. and i knw they are mostly not good for me.. and i don't want to hurt any other girl.. thats why m not getting over it

  • Best to just find someone else. This is too much work


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