Would you accept this apology?

I dated a girl in highschool who obsessed about me. I liked it, but because of my age, my parents were strict and would have the teachers tell them if I did anything I wasn't supposed to with this girl. Even holding hands...
Anyway, she had a hard time with that, and she would always talk about how great the sex was with her ex boyfriend, but how we couldn't do it together.
She told me within a few months that she loved me, and she had been depressed and suicidal.
I broke up with her, because I couldn't even dead with my own depression, let alone help her, plus all the talk about sex pissed me off.

She then started to follow me around with a new boyfriend, and he and I started this immature beef with one another.
Long story short, she hated me.

It has been a while, and I felt bad for what I did, and just wanted to apologise. I friend requested her on Facebook, and she instantly denied it.

So I asked a mutual friend to pass along my apologies.
I explained that I wasn't ready for a relationship and shouldn't have been in one when I myself was suicidal, and I reacted to the situation poorly.
The girl agreed to pass the message, but asked if I wanted to know what she said.

I said that I didn't wish to be friends or anything, and also didn't want to bring her religious influence into my life again. I didn't want to know what she had to say.

Would you have accepted my apologies? Was this a waste of time?
Would you accept this apology?
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