Does my ex want me back or not?

So nearly two months ago, my ex broke up with me. Initially, she said she needed space and wanted to be friends. I didn't want to be friends. So I immediately went into 'No Contact'.

The moment I started no contact, it seemed to have really upset her. She attempted to make me jealous just hanging out with a colleague of mine, at one point it would seem like her back would face me. Then she would be friendly again. She is constantly looking at ALL my instagram stories within minutes and she would usually be the FIRST to at them.

Within the past two months, she has been friendly, cold, friendly, cold, and now she is friendly. Always looking/staring at me, teases me, and play fights with me. I usually always behave the same and simply act indifferent.

Last time I saw her was Friday, as usual she would tease me and play fight with me. To top that off, a girl was kind of talking to me and teasing me and my ex-girlfriend seemed to have gotten really upset about that.

Please help me understand this. I'm so confused.


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  • She just wants attention. Not you.


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