Does my ex boyfriend miss me?

So me and my ex dated back in 5th grade ik we were little kids anyways we dated only bc he played truth or dare and he pick dare so he dated me so today is 2017 we all teens now so i text him on Facebook he sometimes reply but i said hey add me on snap in our conversation he said what is it i gave him my snap username and he added me but then i text him on snap i called him a fuckboy and you unloyal bc he hurt me by saying he only dated me for a dare he said i haven't contact him in 2 years and he's loyal and he not a fuckboy but until then he always looks at my snapchat stories and comment on them but when i reply he leave me on seen
by the way he copying my pics and my hairstyle like when i put a bun he do it too his hair kinda long but yea he do it too


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  • He doesn't miss you.


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