Guys (or girls) how do I get him back?

This guys and I were getting really close. (I liked him, think he was starting to like me) And so we never argue. We got into one argument but it blew over within a day. We got into another argument 5 days ago. I said some really stupid stuff (said he was using me to get to my best friend and he was like any other guy even though I know he isn't) he flipped and over reacted (he even agrees he over reacted). I sent an 8 text long message saying how sorry I was later that night. Never responded so thought I would give him space. yesterday I couldn't take it so texted him sorry again and all that. didn't respond. today he finally texted me (because my friend texted him telling him he better text me) and he still seemed super mad and like he didn't want anything to do with me, I said sorry a billion times and made sure to he knew how sorry I was. what more can I do? how do I get back to our normal self?


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  • In my opinion he did not over react. He probably really liked you and you told him you thought he was using you. I know that would make me really upset. If you really like him you need to fix this. Don't text and apologize. You need to call him and say you are really sorry. Tell him you don't really think he is using him and that what you did was wrong. Also make sure he knows that you really like him. Don't get your friends in to also. That makes it seem like he is getting teamed up against. Leave it between just you two.

    • He did over react... the messages were really nasty. and I didn't even tell my friend about the fight he told her (the girl I saiid he was trying to get to through me) and I find talking on the phoen really awkward and he already said he knows that I am sorry and he said he "forgot about it" and he "doesn't care" and that I should just forget about it because "it is over and not a big deal anymore" how do I fix everything it feels like I have tried everything

    • As awkward as a phone call might be. It is always the best way. Texting always makes things worst. It is the root of a few of my girlfriend and I's arguments. You need to have a conversation with him, tell him how you feel. If that doesn't work and he is still mad and won't talk. There might not be anything you can do. Or maybe give it more time

    • Ok thanks I guess

  • You just scared him off permanently. There is no going back at this point. As far as he's concerned he's moving on, you should too.


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