Did my girlfriend truly love me?

Me and my girlfriend were going out for 2 years, it was both of our first loves and we were so perfect together and everyone knew it, however a couple of months ago my girlfriend found out I had messaged this girl twice quite explicitly, although this was said by my doctor to be solely down to anxiety as I was so worried she would break up with me and move onto a boy straight away, these anxiety attacks caused me to do stupid things, and she understands that. As well as this she kissed another boy when she was unbelievably drunk and almost passed out basically, she didn't even know it happened but as soon as she did she told me. Now it's been 2 months and she seems to be moving on from me really well but she says she was so in love with me...

What I'm trying to say is did she truly love me, and if she did would she have stayed with me?
Did my girlfriend truly love me?
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