He broke up with me because I dont trust him?

My boyfriend broke up with me yesterday because i don't trust him. because When I checked his inbox, he sent a group message "good morning" kiss emoticon and one of the recipients was his ex. also the text did not look like a group message so i asked him why is it like that. although his ex did not reply, i have been telling him to stop sending messages to her. he said that they are friends so he can't stop. it has been an issue for us since last year i even talked to the girl before but he defended the girl because she is his good friend now and the girl said sorry to me. he breaks up with me every time i bring up this issue. i don't really like him to be friends with his exes.. even if they don't have constant communications i am not comfortable with it So yesterday he broke up with me and told me to come back when i fully trust him.. should i come back or should i quit? i have not caugh him cheating on me ever.. he is just a friendly person.. his family accepts me and we are in a relationship for almost 2 years. he is a jolly person, a joker. spends time with me, he also has dreams in life. i am telling this so that it won't be one sided.


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  • You can't change people find someone else if you're not satisfied


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  • He is probably a douche. Who does that?
    Fact that he broke up over that instead of reassuring you and discussing it with you. He had in his mind all along, trust me. The ex probably promised him sex if he came back #notloyal

    • he told me God knows he is not doing something bad. he is just friends with her but he keeps sending group messages to the girl even if i dont like it

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    • thats whay im also thinking.. maybe because it happened many times

    • well if he is sending those kinda text , that can't be right. why is she in the group? why a kissy emoji? very suspicious.

  • What is it about him being friends with his ex that makes you uncomfortable? Specifically? Are you threatened by their friendship?

    • even if they are not flirting with each other they have good conversations. the girl is kind, godly and same interests with him so it makes me uncomfortable. he said that the girl came before me in his life so he can not just end the friendship

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    • you have a point. i've been telling him to be sensitive with my feelings before he does something. he admitted that he was a cheater before but he is a changed person when we started our relationship. did your ex know that you dont trust him? maybe that triggered him to betray on you

    • He knew, but he was a serial cheat and i knew that when we got involved, it was a risk I was willing to take but I stuck around out of love and stupidity. I naively thought he would change and he didn't so in a lot of respects i only have myself to blame for the situation I decided to stay in, i should have walked away long before I did. I knew something wasn't right with us but chose to ignore it.

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