What to do during no contact when they get horribly angry?

After pretty much begging and bowing for about a month, I realized none of this was helping me get my ex fiance back, so with nothing else to try I started no contact... Which quickly resulted in some serious emotional change on his side. Suddenly it's no longer a text once every few days, but several times throughout the day. And all the texts seem either like an attempt to lash out at me, a ploy to get me to respond or him just trying to punish me for ignoring him. I'm so used to consoling him in our relationship that it's hard to ignore the urge to respond and just take whatever he has to say. This has also caused him to scour my social media at every opportunity and even accuse me of having sex with people who "like" photos I share. He sees almost anything I do on media as a hint to me moving on with another guy. If he's doing all of this to me, is there any hope that we can eventually reconcile and what do I do to make that so at this point?


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  • You must consider his behaviours and really take some time to think if this is what you want and deserve. From your description here he seems very toxic and immature. Take this time to release yourself from him, think and focus on yourself. If you need to, tell him you care about him but you can't be that friend to him right now and you are needing to take some time to be in no contact in order to heal yourself and ask that you hope he understands and can respect that. If he's still being abusive after you putting it nicely, which is entirely within your rights by the way! He is your ex after all! I don't know if you really want that guy back. Keep your chin up and I hope it gets better ❤️


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  • Block block and block again


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