I want to get over him now I'm sick of feeling this way. Advice greatly received?

I just broke up with my boyfriend. He made no effort with me and although I still love him deeply I am sick and tired of him being in my life and I want to move on and live a happy life without wondering what he's doing.
He used to like provocative pictures of girls he knew. Finishing the 'relationship' certainly helped in terms of looking and feeling hurt by what I saw. What I want to know is why I still feel the need to look at these profiles of such girls. I don't have very large cleavage (some may disagree, but in comparison with them I have virtually nothing). I don't want to look at the accounts anymore, but I feel a push to see what he's doing still even though I asked him not to.
How do I convince myself I don't need to look anymore and to move on with my life? I am honestly so unhappy.


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  • Nothing will work besides time. Have people around you that you like, do the things you like, and give it time. Time.

  • Why compare yourself with them?

  • Oh jeez where do I start

    • Ok well first you don't need him I know that's cheesy but it's true cause you're obviously someone that cares and life's too short to cry over boys who don't NOW superficially they might be more attractive but you're a stunner yourself so why bother caring and most importantly you won't even care about him in a year so try to focus on things that matter now you seem like a nice girl try and move on

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