Why won't he leave me alone?

This guy that i was seeing we had a thing. He was asking sketchy so i told him i wanted to just be friends because i wanted to take it slow we alreadt had sex at that point and he didn't take that very welll. Ended up getting back together with his ex so i stopped talking to him. wouldn't leave me alone while he was with his ex.. we started talking again and he lefted his ex again. He said he was moving to a different town and wanted me to come there with him and be his roommate. Tolld him id think about it.. he down there for work and is thinking about moving there. And he knows i wanna leave this town anyways. But anyway on instagram saw he wa liking this girls photo and commenting on it telling her she's beautiful and she lives in the city he's in now. I didn't tell him i saw it i just asked him if he liked me he avoided the question but eventually said he likes a lot of people. I told him im not craxy u just make me craxy and he was like i do make you crazy so i said stop it and he said lol can't stop.. I told him im done and deleted him off everything. A week later he still trying to talk to me like why won't he leave me alone?

I just told him i dont wanna be one of you're fuck buddies and that i dont know how muvh u have but i know u habe enough not to be needing me what do u think he will say?


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  • He isn't taking you serious. Next time pick up the phone or whatever and tell him straight and clean that whatever you two had is dead and gone. You don't want to be friends, don't want him to contact you and ask him to go live his life as if you two have never met before.

    • Is it so i dont move on tho? Were not even in the same city so he cwnt get sex right now anyway. And he knows i won't have troubles finding another guy..

    • He's doing that just for the sake of wasting your time. Some guys are just like that, they feed your hopes just to get you stuck on them. Somehow it feeds their ego.

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