Can't decode this guy...

A few months ago I hooked up (everything but sex) with this guy.

He moved back home (out of state) but kept in touch with small conversation, always initiating contact.

He came into town and we ended up going out to a bar for a drink and at his place to hang out. We made out but I didn't want to go any further...he was cool with it though and didn't pressure for anything more. I left that night and I felt like we ended on a good note.

He left to go home the next day and I sent him a quick text that afternoon to say hey, but he never responded. Should I be worried that I haven't heard from him?


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  • obviously you care about him and YOU wanted more but didn't show it and shut him down. you sent him a signal ininvertly and now he feels you don't like him

    • Yikes....I never thought of that. You think? Even though I texted him the next day?

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    • You pretty much shut him down. you didn't give him a reason and now he's out of state.

    • Just figured I'd let you know you were right lol

      I texted him yesterday and he mentioned me turning him down.

      When I first posted the question, I took his lack of contact as a sign that he didn't feel the need to contact me since he was out of state, but he really just didn't contact me because he thought I wasn't interested.

      So, thanks for the accurate advice! : )

What Girls Said 1

  • no if he didnt wanted sex he would of text you back you did the right thing


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