If my Ex has fallen in love with someone who does not love her, is it possible to gain her mental and physical attraction again to love me again?

My ex fell out of love/attraction with me, things changed after she cheated on me. She has fell in love with someone who does not love her. Is it possible to gain her mental and physical attraction back now that i'm back in a healthier state of mind.


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  • Honestly, brother, if you still want this girl then I would consider reevaluating your stance on the quality of your current mental state.
    But look, I understand love by definition isn't rational. So here goes...
    It's obvious that being loved, and perhaps catered to, is not what she wants. Some people, oddly enough, enjoy feeling like they have to earn their partner's attention instead of just having it handed to them. Sounds like that's what she's into. So that would probably be your best bet.
    She may just be a lost cause for you, man. Unless, of course, the idea that you may actually love this girl is a facade and you've lied to her, and yourself, about who you are and what you want out of a relationship with someone.

    • I want to wait longer to speak to her its only been a month. I still want to work on myself and be by myself for some more time. I owe myself that. I was too good to her before the incident and i handed her everything after the incident. Things changed, i never mistreated her. I was just too there for her and i got lost.

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